is creating drawings in pencil, digital illustrations, and speedpaints!
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About DoodleBloop

Hi there! I'm Ashi of DoodleBloop and I'm really just here to have fun and share my creations! The art side of my life has taken a huge blow - my laptop is running towards the end of its life and I haven't been able to make anything digital in months. :c I decided that I'm going to take my art by the horns and direct it to victory, even if all I can provide are pencil drawings!

When I finally get an upgraded PC, I'll dive head first back into my digital art and finally start making speedpaints again! I'm so excited for it <3 For now, I spend my time streaming (sadly, I can only really stream from my PS4, so my channel hasn't become the art wonderland I am dreaming to create) and refining my art. I want to start posting again, and this is where I'll do it!
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If people really decide to support me, I'll dedicate more time to my art than streaming. In fact, I'll do more research about how to stream traditional art! 
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