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Cool Dudes

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Pledging at least a dollar will grant you access to a special patron only feed where I'll post periodic progress updates to give you the heads up on what I'm working on, be it Inverted Fate, Antipode, or just general creative tomfoolery (without major spoilers).

You will get to see completed fic chapter drafts ahead of time. You will also be added to the credits page on the official Inverted Fate website and any videos I produce.

Lastly, you'll get to weigh in on which Inverted Fate and written side content I produce (e.g. phone calls, side stories, etc).

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Super Cool Dudes

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Patrons who pledge $5 get all previous benefits as well as access to rough concept art from Inverted Fate and other projects. You will also get to see sneak peeks at tilesets and sprites as I produce them. Additionally, you'll gain access to WIP drafts of my written works  and video scripts so you can see things as they progress. 

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Radical Peeps

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In addition to the previous rewards, you'll gain access to some top secret design sketches and WIP song teasers for upcoming music tracks as well as old scraps and scratch tracks. You will also get to see completed comic updates several days before they go public and gain access to a secret patron-only channel to discuss these early access updates. You'll also get a simple sketch every month of no more than two characters.

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About Dorked

Howdy! I'm Dorked, a jack of all trades when it comes to creative works. My primary project is a multimedia Undertale project called Inverted Fate, which I've been working on for over three years now. I produce the majority of art, music, and writing for this comic in order to expand my horizons as a creator. Additionally, I've a long running series of Kingdom Hearts stories called Antipode that I've been writing for over seven years.

You can find my musical works over here on Soundcloud, and various animatics, speedpaints, and other creative content at my Youtube channel.  On the whole, I just love to express myself through creative mediums, and I'm always looking to expand my skillset to provide more media for my audience to enjoy.

Why Patreon?

I work a soul sucking retail job, but sadly I get so few hours that I can barely sustain myself and have to rely on my family for added financial support. While I have tried to seek out other employment, job hunting is rough. Moreover, it's just not where my passions lie. I'm someone who wants to create. Someone who wants to entertain. Thus, by pledging, you'll help my creative hobbies become all the more sustainable, thus allowing me to continue to provide you and countless others stories, music, and art they can enjoy for years to come.

In time, I hope to move away from stocking in the dead of night and more toward expanding my skills as a creator. I hope to brush up on my animation, refine my video editing, and build an even broader repertoire of works to share.

How Often Will You Update?

With my comic, my plan is to produce a buffer of content that I can release at least monthly or bi-monthly once the current hiatus ends. In the mean time, it is my hope to provide enjoyable side content while we wait for the next major update, including more phone calls, revitalizing the ask blog, and with luck, producing some little flashback scenes to flesh out the world and give more insight on its characters. I will allow patrons to weigh in on what they'd like to see first as well.

With my written works, my goal is either monthly or bi-monthly updates. This depends a lot on my personal schedule, and if delays happen, I'll be sure to post to my patron feed so that you all know what's up.

Lastly, I'm planning some upcoming video projects. I don't have a set schedule for these, but the current plan is to start a series of videos analyzing characters I enjoy from Undertale and Kingdom Hearts, possibly branching out into other series as time goes on. Additionally, I'd love to produce more animatics and pixel cutscenes, such as the Inverted Fate intro.
$416.76 of $500 per month
At 500 bucks a month, I'll be able to spend more time working on creative works at home, thus be able to put out more content for you. Once this goal is met, I'll try to dedicate time to producing more video content in particular, including tutorials, and character analysis videos, which patrons will be able to vote on and discuss.
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