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Here is where I post the twists and turns I experienced in my own story, offer some professional advice for handling artifacts, and answer your questions.




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About Dorothea Mordan

Welcome to my page, thank you for reading about my work. If you are thinking about supporting my projects, THANK YOU!

If you are here because you know me, you probably know that family story is central to my work in photo restoration, archival printing & framing. If you are here by chance or luck, Welcome! I hope that you will find some inspiration to share your story.

Your support allows me to share with you how we put our stories together, from memory and research.

The sort of history we are living right now, everywhere on planet Earth—a pandemic caused by a creepy little virus—is why sharing story, especially how we got here, is so important to us humans.

Stories carry our intentions, perspectives, hopes, fears, dreams, love, hate…the list is as endless as it is amorphous—story is a scream and a whisper.

Pulling together our stories can take some long, fun evenings asking relatives about their memories, or some detective work, digging for answers using whispered clues we’ve heard the grownups talking about. I am here to share my detective work and help you with yours.

By choosing to support me through paid subscriptions you will have access to discussion about putting together family stories and handling the artifacts—photos, letters, art—that help tell the tale. I am offering a professional Question and Answer Forum, personal consulting time, custom presentation of your family heirlooms (restored photographs, or a customized family tree, printed and framed). See some examples on my main website Chandler Designs, Digital Archiving and Image Reconstruction.

Other ways to support my work:
Read my essays on Medium, where my themes skew toward how we are affected by politics, and our social & cultural norms.
Buy a t-shirt. Go to, where I design and sell T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags with fun graphics, and write essays with messages for social and environmental action.

The Big Project you are supporting is writing the story of my grandparents.

Eva Wyman Dunlap and Albert Menzo Dunlap, MD went to China in 1911 and lived through the changes from empire to Communism, including the Japanese occupation in World War II. They raised six children there, each of them living through some part of the turmoil in China's history.

My family story journey began with my earliest memories of my family elders; grandparents, great aunts and uncles. I was always interested in tales my parents and grandparents told. As I got older, entering college, my interest in history grew. My professional work, fine art and archival picture framing, led to digital restoration of old photographs, which dovetailed right into collecting photographs and ephemera, from my own family. Some of that treasure is original art by my grandmother. By the time my uncle, her son, passed away I was fully invested in telling the story my mother had always talked about wanting to write. I assumed it was the general story of her parents’ life in China from 1911-1952 and the stories of her mother’s artwork. My uncle Sandy lived with his parents, and when he died a major collection of letters and diaries came to me. And that is when I really started to learn the story of my grandparents.

At least that's when the detective work began.

If you would like to get some shared insight into your own detective work, or just read how my project unfolds, refolds, and opens again in some unexpected way, please subscribe to my Patreon page.

I am grateful for all support I have had in the past and thank you for what you bring to the present and future of this project.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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