DosAguilas is creating Fiction and Poetry

Tip Jar Level

$2 /mo
Access to Patron-only Eagle Updates, where I fill you in through weekly posts on my literary goings-on. This reward also applies to the other tiers.

Obsidian Review

$15 /mo
I will read, review, and edit one of your short stories (up to 7,500 words). Keep in mind that feedback will be honest and direct because you don't have time to waste and I am not willing to lie to...

Flash Crash

$30 /mo
​A two-hour crash course in flash fiction, my bread and butter. In this lesson, you're getting a hyper-condensed introduction to the world of flash fiction, including a brief discussion of its hist...

Obsidian Workshop

$60 /mo
This workshop will be one you design because I am giving you four hours of my undivided attention in an MFA-program-grade workshop. We can spread those hours over a month and do a mini Obsidian Rev...

DosAguilas' Golden Package

$120 /mo
​A combination package of the rewards above. This can either be done through Skype or in person at a coffeehouse or a place where we can have a conversation and also concentrate at the same time.  ...