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About Dreams of the Stars

I'm writer/illustrator Tessa Wind, and my co-writer Kassi Faye! We're the minds behind the comic saga known as Dreams of the Stars, a Kirby fan-comic of my creation. If you're a follower of our work, you may want to consider supporting us here on Patreon!

With each tier, you get earlier access to new pages sooner than the ones posted on DeviantART! We're typically 10-30+ pages ahead of what is shown online, so we have plenty of DotS content, concept art, and more to share! Patrons even get access to our Discord server, which has even more exclusive content, as well is a great and fun way to connect with fellow fans!

Your support is immensely appreciated, and your feedback motivates us to continue on with these projects in hopes they entertain you and bring a smile!

Thank you all so much! <3
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A good start! The ultimate goal is to 100% dedicate myself to this comic as well support my co-writer!
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