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is creating music as DoublePlusTen
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About Andy Davies

Thanks so much for checking out my Patreon! I am Andy Davies, a musician from Minneapolis, MN, and I create, perform, and release music as DoublePlusTen.

The music I make is meant to make you shake your butt, bounce your head, and pump your fists. I just like making fun, sometimes aggressive, sometimes calming electronic music that makes me happy and it seems like it makes other people happy, too.

You can listen to my first three albums, "Hourglass", "Get Human", and "The Third Eye" on my Bandcamp page.

You can also check out my live streams on Twitch.

My latest album, "The Third Eye" was supported here on Patreon and it went well enough that I wanted to continue to include my patrons on the next release!

This Patreon is a way for fans of DoublePlusTen to join an exclusive group to keep up to date with everything I am working on and be the first to hear not only the the newest music, but even everything I'm working in the studio! Your patronage will go back into my music by way of new software and hardware so I can make more and better music for all of us to love.

I have 2 main goals for 2019: finish up a nearly-completed EP by mid-February and write and release my 4th album by mid- to late-August of 2019.

Depending on the level of your support, you'll be able to get/hear anything from completed tracks as they are finished to each and every demo and idea I have throughout the process of the entire album creation.

If I want to hit my goal of an August album release, that means I would need to finish about 10 tracks by early July, averaging a new song about every 3 weeks. (January-August)

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

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When we reach 50 patrons, I will create videos to accompany each song! Whether I create the videos or work with a video artist, well, that's something I can look at once we near this goal. Let's add some visual flair to the music!
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