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Dr. Doula SPEAKS!

Creating a community for Daughters of the African Diaspora (D.O.A.D.)

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About Dr. Doula SPEAKS!

“Don’t worry Anny, when you have your babies, I will come where you are and show you everything you need to know…”

Within a year of my mother Johnnie Mae Gray Little saying those words to me, she had become an ancestor. That is one of the few statements that I can still hear in her actual voice, and I have spent more than 25 years, through births of my own and many others, chasing her words and trying to figure out what she would have shown me. Daughters of the African Diaspora has been birthed from her inspiration.

Daughters of the African Diaspora Alliance recognizes the daughters of the African Diaspora, spread all over the world, who have dedicated their lives to learning the traditions of their ancestors, understanding the needs of birthing women's bodies, and using ancient knowledge to heal and PROTECT WOMBMEN. Mentorship and apprenticeship was the way of the Black women who went before us who felt the calling to assist birthing mothers during the childbearing year. Are you looking for mentorship? LET'S CONNECT!

Who am I?
Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D.,
affectionately known as Dr. Doula, is an educator, scholar, speaker, astrologer, Birth Ambassador and Legacy Builder who travels internationally to gain a greater understanding of the connectedness of women of African descent on the Continent and in the Diaspora. She encourages women to reach back to take hold of the best that previous generations have to teach, so they can be equipped to move forward and toward their full potentials. She shows them how to empower themselves by reclaiming and embracing indigenous knowledge and practices that have been lost, stolen, surrendered, abandoned and forgotten. "SANKOFA" teaches us: "it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot"... even if what you have forgotten is something as magnificent as BIRTH.

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