Matthew R Francis is creating reflective essays on science and society


$1 /creation
You get early copies of all the essays I write. It's that simple!


$3 /creation
In addition to the essays, I will send you a monthly personalized postcard or electronic email with an astronomical or physics image on it.


$5 /creation
In addition to the text versions, you get an audio version of the same essays, so you can hear me talking to you in your car. If that's your thing.


$6 /creation
This combines the benefits of the "Quark" and "Neutrino" levels: you get both an audio version of each essay and a monthly postcard or email!


$10 /creation
In addition to the text and audio essays, you can pick an essay topic for me to write about! (Though you still have to accept that I'm gonna write it my own way, sorry. $10/month isn't enough for m...


$12 /creation
This combines the Atom and Neutrino levels: you get text, audio, postcard, and the option to select an essay topic.

Black Hole

$100 /creation
In addition to text, audio, and monthly postcard, I will give you a monthly one-hour personalized video tutorial on a topic of your choice. (Primary limit: it has to be a topic I know something abo...