Dr. Mary C. Crowell is creating Music Videos, Instrumental music, and Songs!

Peppermint Love!

$1 /mo
Streaming and Downloads! You’re supporting my music, and since that’s pretty inseparable from me, you’re supporting me. Thank you!

You’ll get downloads of mp3s and PDFs for the ...


All of Us Dancing And Singing Our Songs

$5 /mo
Thank You Cards and Suprises

You’re supporting me even more, and I am so grateful! 

You’ll get all the things for the $1 Tier and you'll be in the “Mary sends...


Pomegranate Tour

$10 /mo
Extra Music

Wow! This is a lot of support for an artist, and I deeply appreciate it. I will try to make it extra awesome!

You’ll get all the things from the $...


Muses and Mythical Entrepreneurs (play clarinet!)

$25 /mo
Sharing the Woodwind Love

You are limned in light, and I am in awe of your generosity. Thank you. 

You get everything from the $1, $5, and $10 tiers, and I wi...