Dr Raphael Lataster

is creating research and writing on religion and atheism

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About Dr Raphael Lataster

Hey there. Raphael Lataster here, a researcher on religion, usually working as a part-time or casual associate lecturer or research assistant at the University of Sydney. Much of my research is of great interest to the public, even if it upsets many of my fellow academics. I have generally focussed on Philosophy of Religion (Does God exist? Short answer: almost certainly not) and Christian origins (Did Jesus exist? Maybe; there is a good chance he didn't). Not trying to offend anyone. I'm just doing research as honestly and objectively as I can, on some of the biggest issues facing people today, and sharing it with anyone who'll listen.

I generally publish academic articles and books, though have also written non-academic pieces (a now de-published popular book on God beat Dawkins' books on Amazon for almost 3 seconds, and a Washington Post article on Jesus broke the comment counter). I also love partaking in debates, and am hoping to debate with William Lane Craig, whose arguments for God's existence are the focus of my doctoral dissertation.* To know more about my work, see my poorly designed and rarely updated website, www.RaphaelLataster.com.

You can be a part of all this greatness. I started this Patreon account after one nice email (among the pile of barely coherent hate emails) from a person urging me to do this so he can help support me doing such research. I'm not going to bullshit you about how your money is going to be used to fund better and better microphones and top quality editing for the videos I won't be making (at least not right now, maybe if this really takes off). No, your money will be used to buy me ramen noodles and those little canned tunas. Pay for me to have a home. Pay the bills. All that simple stuff. And it will take the pressure off to find/maintain full-time academic roles where I will (sadly and ironically) feel obliged to hold my tongue on certain issues.

You will not get access to special videos and blog posts that I make just for you. You will not get doodads with my chiseled face on them. For the high rollers among you, you will not get a special dinner with me. (Unless you are smoking hot.) That salesey stuff doesn't interest me.

It's very simple. If you like my work, and want to enable me to produce more of it, and want more people to access it (including people who can't afford to give - damn that's so deep), consider throwing me a couple of dollars per month. If this really takes off, I could plausibly focus on - independent - research full-time, while still doing the odd teaching gig for the heck of it. The median yearly wage in Australia is $60,000-$70,000 (AUD), and Australian lecturers typically earn well over $100,000 per year. That's not my aim. I am actually a tightass so would be very happy and grateful to earn $40,000 per year. Note how I said 'would be' 😂

I used to be a financial adviser (!) so here's some maths for you: 666 people (how appropriate...) giving me just $5 per month is $39,960/year.

And don't feel bad if you can't give. Seriously. I'll still speak out on the stuff that matters even if penniless or working full-time for 'the man'. Because it's fun, and important.

*Maybe this won't be so successful so as to enable me to focus on research full-time but maybe it can fund the proposed Craig-Lataster debate. You know you want it. The best debater for God's existence vs the most qualified person to debate Craig. Epic. It's like Federer vs Nadal, but with nerds who study the Bible saying words to each other.

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