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About DrSensor


Scdlang is a description language for describing Statecharts that later can be used to generate code or just transpile it into another format. Although the syntax itself inspired from text-based drawing (e.g mermaid or graphviz), this project is more focus on how to describe Statecharts universally that can be used in another language/platform rather than drawing a Statecharts diagram. You can find more on  Scdlang repo on Github (also checkout the release page for the complete changelog)


Statecharts (or State Machine in general) has a lot of benefit ranging from modeling User Experience (UX) to NPC behavior. While it has a lot of benefits, each implementation is different and the only single-source-of-truth is the diagram itself. A visual diagram is great but it's time consuming when you want to refactor it (one of many reasons why visual programming not popular). As far as I know, there is 3 way to implement Statecharts model in the programming language:

Each implementation has its pros and cons which suitable depend on the context. For example:

Hopefully (in the future), Scdlang can be used as a single source of truth to model a state machine regardless of the interpreter, platform, or programming language you use.

I occasionally make or contribute to others open source project and write some blog. You can find more on what I'm working on in my GitHub profile.
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