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is creating a world history simulation game
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About Dr. Tardigrade

Hi, I'm Juan Tamez (Dr. Tardigrade). I'm a software developer who enjoys creating simulations and games.

I'm currently embarking in a overly-ambitious project to create an world history simulator which I tentatively called "Worlds". The goal is to encompass all of human history (and some prehistory) in a procedurally generated abstract world: From the birth of the first hunter-gatherer groups to the current age of global superpowers and beyond. 

The project is on it's first stages but it's already publicly available at https://drtardigrade.itch.io/worldhistorysim where you can also find a rough list of available and planned features. As the project progresses, new game builds will be released on a semi-regular schedule for everyone to play with and enjoy, free of charge.

Please join me in this foolish endeavor which might never end and see the project grow little by little. Help me decide where the project will go as development milestones get completed, and get to read in-depth explanations on how the engine works and which research materials I use to try to bring realism into it.


Whenever a milestone for the project is completed, a milestone poll will be initiated where patrons (and others) can vote on which features the project should focus on for the next milestone.

To give an extra benefit to patrons, their votes will be given extra weight trough a tier system:
- Artisan level vote weight: 100
- Farmer level vote weight: 50
- Shepherd level vote weight: 25
- Hunter-Gatherer level vote weight: 5
Everybody else, including followers who aren't patrons, will be able to vote but their weight will be 1

One point I want to make clear: all features discussed for milestones are meant to be added into the game even if they aren't voted for. The votes only decide the priority they are given. Also, features that lose a milestone vote will be given special priority in future milestones depending on the total number of votes given previously.


Mini-feature polls are similar to milestone polls except these occur more frequently, with at least one occurring with each public release. For each poll, a set of small scale features are presented for voters to chose from. The poll closes near the end of development of a public release, and the winning feature is chosen to be included as part of that public release. The voting system is identical to milestone votes, with patron votes having more weight depending on their contribution level.

Mini-features that do not win in a poll are not discarded. Instead, they get included in future polls or outright added in a future version of the game.
$113 of $200 per month
I'll do my best effort to release a Linux/Mac build alongside with every public Windows version from that point onward. The money will go into buying a decent OSx development platform plus other development tools.
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