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Find my music here if you're looking to sample the buffet. We don't play with soundcloud links...

Feel free to keep this monthly benefit in your library for as long as you please! This helps pay for new sound equipment and shows to get our community in the air and on the floor. I'm partnering with some high level cats and we're producing new tracks to publish twice a month to give your ears a well deserved cleansing. Enjoy the music!




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About Josh Forsberg

I produce electronic dance, trance, techno, house and experimental beats and distribute them on albums on over 17 different worldwide platforms, showing hundreds of people per day. My plan is to give people a new way of listening and seeing electronic dance music and bring life back to what most people thought was a dead genre. Which, is obviously not the case, otherwise there would be no Full Moon festivals going on, or Decadance wouldn't have been so big in 2018.

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I'm an aspiring artist who not only wants to create content that I like, I also want to make quality content that you're going to like as well. I started songwriting and working with 3D modeling and music production since 2012, and since then I've had this unsatisfying urge to serve a bigger cause. I've always loved sitting in my room while I was in highschool and just hearing a variety of artist's styles of music and getting to hear their different perspectives. And, of course, what got me to work with visual arts was my fascination for video games.

I can use all the support I can get, and when I'm publishing content, constructive criticism is always appreciated. Enjoy yourselves, and enjoy my content! I know you're as excited as I am to move ahead on this journey. Welcome to the Dragon's Xen, everyone!

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