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WELCOME! Drag up a Throne of Bones and stay a while!

Here I hope to provide you with exclusive D&D content, previews, alpha access and playtest packets of my original game design work, and generally speaking a window, maybe even a door, into the--or I should say my--process of game design. It's likely I'll also have a lot to say about the process of writing as well!  I'm stoked on creating new/translating classic World of Greyhawk content for 5th Edition, there are also all kinds of bizarre and outside-the-box applications of the D&D 5E Engine that I'm working on as well, and you'll be able to learn about those here.

I'm a gamer, an author, and a game author! I've been writing fiction since I was four and designing games since I was 12. I seem to be unable to not not make games. Whenever I try to quit, I find myself coming back to it, so I'm not trying to swimming up that particular waterfall anymore. From '11 to '16 I wrote for Shadowrun which has been my primary fandom since I was ten years old, and that was a dream come true. From '12 to '17 I was the co-owner with the spectacularly talented M. Barree of End Transmission Games and I published six or seven of my own RPGs, three of which were fully supported game lines with supplements and adventures. I am the creator of AnathemaPsionics, SPLINTER, Phantasm(2010), and Systems Malfunction among others. Two of our products were nominated for ENnie awards. On the digital, not analogue, side of RPGs, if you know what rpgmaker is, I am the infamous Legion/Max McGee

My intended career graduating high school and going into college was author, and I FINALLY published my first novel last year please check it out here! It's called Vampires Will Never Hurt You, and the title is very, very sarcastic. But the vampires really aren't the scariest thing in there.

I consider myself an advocate for social justice (non-inter-sectional; I will be the first to admit that I focus on addressing certain areas of inequality far more than others), an anarchist, and a punk. To say that I have had my share of problems with authority figures of all stripes would be an understatement! I quote rock lyrics far too much and in particular I am more than a little bit obsessed with the Brooklyn based punk rock-cabaret/astral crime syndicate known as THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY.  Finally, I own the cutest dog in the world (I know he must be because literally a thousand strangers have stopped me on the street to tell me he is) and if you pledge your support I might even let you see his puppy pictures!
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Look at those gleaming scales on you! Occasionally I will stat a monster or a spell or write-up a micro-game, short story, or fiction excerpt that is "Premium" content. Any Patron at this tier and above has access to "Premium" content, plus as mentioned, my heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude.

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You are getting really big and scary there! Good thing you're probably good-aligned! You get everything from the Young Brass Dragon tier, and in addition, you get Behind The Scenes access to any/all RPGs that I develop. This is what it sounds like, and it includes seeing (and commenting on) bits and pieces of games I'm working on before they're done, being added to a playtester pool that can receive playtest materials on request, and finally, Alpha Access to games I've completed before they're crowdfunded and/or published!

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