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About Dragon's Forge Miniatures

The Dragon’s Forge Patreon subscription will give you a vast hoard of unique, high quality STL files every month, covering a varied range of your favourite fantasy themes. We’ve got heroic characters, horrifying monsters and mind-blowing centrepieces that you won’t find anywhere else – perfect for tabletop roleplayers, wargamers and collectors of all kinds! All for just £8 +VAT per month!

Download and print a FREE test miniature!

Subscribe now at our Pre-Launch Tier to receive 1 STL file every month until we launch! PLUS, every patron that upgrades from the Pre-Launch Tier to our Red Dragon Tier when we launch will receive an exclusive bonus STL!

Our pre-launch STL for January 2022 is Dagrash Lo'Goran, Half-Orc Paladin!
Subscribe to download and print him today!

Our Patreon miniatures are designed and sculpted with 28mm and 32mm scales in mind – but of course you can print them at whatever scale you like! Every miniature comes in both pre-supported and unsupported formats to suit your preference.

When we launch this subscription fully on 1st February 2022, patrons at our Red Dragon Tier will receive a welcome pack containing a varied party of 10 hero characters plus a brutal minotaur and Thrax Forgemaster himself!

  • Stonebreaker Dwarf Fighter
  • Ironpelt Dwarf Barbarian
  • Steelwatch Human Paladin
  • Steelwatch Elf Paladin
  • Questfoot Halfling Bard
  • Dragora-Kai Fighter
  • Rogue Thief of the Arachnus Cowl
  • Darkweft Half-Demon Sorceress
  • Katmandari Monk
  • Half-Orc Dandy Rogue
  • Khartesian Minotaur
  • Thrax Forgemaster

Every miniature comes with its own beautifully sculpted base covered with fantastic details, which can be printed as a separate component.

Our Patreon kicks off on 1st February 2022 with a collection that you may have already seen hints of on our social media feeds – Von Keelhaul’s Drakenreef Pirates!

These swashbuckling curs are led by the dreaded pirate king Drachman von Keelhaul, who’s mount of choice is a colossal dragon! This collection is fantastically detailed with all kinds of quirky nautical features, including crocodile-mounted cannons, a shanty-playing monkey band and an angry octopus brandishing a cutlass! We'll be showing off the complete contents soon.

The collection includes:

  • 15 Drakenreef Pirates
  • 3 Croc-Cannons
  • Scatter Terrain
  • 1 Pirate King on foot with Monkey Band
  • 1 Pirate King mounted on a Colossal Dragon!

Every miniature comes with its own beautifully sculpted base covered with fantastic details, which can be printed as a separate component.

To thank and reward our patrons for sticking with us, we have some amazing monsters and centrepiece miniatures lined up that you’ll receive after subscribing to us for 3 consecutive months, and every 3 months after that until the end of time – that’s a lot of bonus miniatures!

Subscribing at the Pre-Launch Tier counts towards the loyalty scheme, so become a patron today and be among the first to receive the 3 month loyalty miniature - a monstrous Bloodfeast Ogre!

More details and miniature reveals coming soon!

What you see here is just the start. We’ll be covering every fantasy archetype, race and role, catering for fans of every game and system. We love conventional fantasy tropes, but with so much creative talent on board you can expect to see some truly original and mind blowing creations too – you simply won’t believe what’s coming! We also plan to create D&D adventures and character sheets that tie in with each month's miniature collection, to make this the ultimate Patreon miniatures subscription.

We’ll be bringing our Patrons along with us every step of the way too, with regular polls and the opportunity to pitch some ideas of your own, so that this Patreon can become everything that YOU want it to be. This time next year you could be looking at a fully sculpted miniatures collection that you suggested!

Dragon's Forge is a brand new miniature design and 3D printing studio based in the UK, founded by veteran miniatures designer Gordon Davidson and operations director Rob West of Firestorm Games. We’re supported by a who's-who of renowned industry legends from the world’s most successful miniatures companies including artist David Gallagher, writer Gav Thorpe and sculptors from across the globe.

As well as our Patreon, we’ve already successfully funded our first Kickstarter campaign and will soon be launching our online store, with our online miniature customisation app scheduled to follow in March 2022.

Terms & Conditions

All STL files and other materials provided by Dragons Forge Miniatures Ltd are for personal, non-commercial use only. By purchasing, downloading, accessing, or using our STLs you agree to these terms and conditions and are bound by the stated provisions.

  1. Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Ltd is the owner and sole copyright holder of all STL files and other materials made available via the Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Patreon page.
  2. Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Ltd grants patrons a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use any and all files made available by Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Ltd via the Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Patreon page during the active period of the patron's subscription.
  3. The license grants permission for patrons to print the STL files for personal, non-commercial use only.
  4. Patrons may not sell, share or distribute the STL files or other digital materials.
  5. Patrons may not sell, share or distribute any materials that are derived from the STL files or other digital materials, including 3D prints.
  6. The license grants permission for patrons to resize or cut the contents of the files for personal use. Patrons may not otherwise modify, duplicate, create derivative works of, disassemble, reverse compile or reverse engineer any part of the STL files. The STL files may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, or displayed.
  7. Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing, or claimed ownership of files, materials or intellectual property owned by Dragon’s Forge Miniatures Ltd is prohibited and will be considered a breach of this agreement.
  8. Breaches of this agreement will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. In such cases, patrons agree to be subject to the laws of England and Wales.

© Dragon's Forge Miniatures Ltd 2021.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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