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I'm a designer at heart, and I design products, stories, worlds, characters and whatever else you can think of. My main production is a story called Dragonsstaff. It is a fantasy comic with plenty of magic, adventure, snark, and family. It's only just beginning, but I'll be working on getting new pages up at least weeky, along with nicer character spreads, world design information and images, and whatever else I can think of. 
Your support helps me purchase new equipment to more effectively create these things, like the money for an Adobe subscription, a new tablet, pens, paper and other supplies. It also helps take the edge off of the pressure to go out and search for a regular job, that takes more time away from creating content and working on things for classes.
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Yes, you an donate pennies on the dollar too. This won't get you much, but you'll have access to exclusive patron content!
Exclusive Patron content will be things like early comic viewing, lore spreads, and other things.

...There'll also be exclusive desktop images once I get my feet under me more, but yeah. 
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A drawing of your choice! 
It'll be a standard page side at the largest, but you can chose the content!* 
This will be a pen or pencil sketch, just as a personal 'thank you' for donating. 

Note: These will probably take a bit to make, depending on how complicated of a drawing it is and my current schedule at the time of request.
If you want the original mailed to you, then I'll need a mailing address. Otherwise, I'll just message it to you.
*I have the right to veto inappropriate content. 
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If you want to go to a specific Dragonsstaff website, then it's around $20 to purchace a url. It'll take a bit of time and help after that to get a decen thing up and running, but hey-- website! 
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