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is creating rEVOLutionary street activism stunts that pay!
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If you like Triimz.xyz or rEVOLutionaryINSIDE.us or if you read about my HBAC-Vaccine.com (the 4 page jpg posted on this profile), you might say, "Wow, mindblowing, I gotta tell everyone know about this!" and you might want to shoot me a quick message too like "You're so amazing, here's $1!"  Well, on Patreon $1 is a cool kind of "voting with your dollars".  Thank you rEVOLutionary supporter!  P.S. You can change that 1 to a 7 or 77 or 777 if you think big like me!  (Bills every first of month until you cancel.)
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Each shirt or a bike flag or pair of flashing LED bracelets. Buy them for all the kids on the block, or school, or as birthday presents! Sell them for double for use as FUNdRAISERS. As an artist / inventor I only create the highest quality stuff! If you want a surprise shipped to your door every month choose the $25 monthly shipping option too, otherwise the $19 is just a monthly donation, cancel anytime.
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Flat rate anywhere shipping on as many shirts and flags etc as you want.  It will bill you on the first of month, and I will ship after that. Cancel anytime.




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About Drake Freeman

My goal is to create a high paying opportunity for activists who want to take it to the streets (or park or school, church or mall or cafe, or wherever you can meet the kind of sheeple you want to wake up).

Usually, activism doesn't pay. I think this is why there isn't more REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES in the world. With my paradigm shifting juxtapositions, I BLOW MINDS, and offer practical soulutions that people will take action on and pay you for!

I would love you to use my written work as is, and you can co-brand it with your own FB link or website where mine is in red. That way we both benefit. If you want to change something, just ask and I will provide a new high resolution jpg for you. My work is printed on t-shirts, flyers, posters and other cool stuff that you can gift back to the listeners who support your revolutionary street teaching.

If you would like to Patreon any amount, even $1, that would be awesome. I do inspirational coaching as well as train people how to do the activism stunts to get the message across powerfully, and be exceptionally high converting for sales and donations too.

Check out my FIRST activism stunt free here
(HBAC Vaccine t-shirt and flag)

My SECOND stunt is here
(tank boy and tank girl t-shirt)
updated: www.rEVOLutionaryINSIDE.us
and www.rEVOLutionSOULution.us

My THIRD one is for Patrons only, so please pledge at least $1.

$0 of $1,000 per month
I have several cool shirt designs done. The bike flag designs are awesome. Way cooler than the typical puny triangle ones. The kind you would expect to see on a revolutionary troup of bicycles when standing off against a tank. When I reach the first $1000, I will print them up!
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