Drake Freeman is creating rEVOLutionary street activism stunts that pay!

$1 /mo
If you like Triimz.xyz or rEVOLutionaryINSIDE.us or if you read about my HBAC-Vaccine.com (the 4 page jpg posted on this profile), you might say, "Wow, mindblowing, I gotta tell everyone know about...

$19 /mo
Each shirt or a bike flag or pair of flashing LED bracelets. Buy them for all the kids on the block, or school, or as birthday presents! Sell them for double for use as FUNdRAISERS. As an artist / ...

$25 /mo
Flat rate anywhere shipping on as many shirts and flags etc as you want.  It will bill you on the first of month, and I will ship after that. Cancel anytime.

$112.35 /mo
Inspirational chat! A paradigm shifting 30 minutes with me. I'll probably blow your mind! (Bills every first of month until you cancel.)

$235.81 /mo
Strategic marketing consult, or how to get paid to save the world! 30 minutes. I'll blow your mind and then help you organize an action plan to get you to the next level.  (Bills immediately then e...

$358.13 /mo
This is the highest level of Truth in Triimz.xyz
This is the $358 level, it includes verification Fibonacci,
a golden thread securely spiralled through,
it's like a MICR check digit enc...