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Pledge $1 or more per game
19 patrons
You'll get a message whenever I release a new game, sporadic updates about what I'm working on, and of course my thanks and gratitude.
Early access
$3 or more per game 39 patrons
You'll get access to these games before they're released to the public, and I'll also share screenshots and early builds as I'm working on the games.
Lifetime supporter
$10 or more per game 26 patrons
You'll receive a free copy of every game I've released commercially, and all games I release for as long as this Patreon is active. Currently that means a free copy of Cosmic Express, A Good Snowman Is Hard To BuildSokobond and These Robotic Hearts of Mine.
Plus previous rewards for early access.
Personal playtester
$25 or more per game 2 patrons
I will play your games and provide feedback/suggestions, offer PuzzleScript assistance, level design tips, etc.
Plus previous rewards for early access and lifetime supporter.