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This tier gives the same benefit as Level 1 but also adds in your name listed as a Backer scrolling at the end of our Videos. We will also take requests from Level 2 Backers each month for a free game on either iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Oculus Quest to review. If your game request is picked we will mention you in our review blog and review videos made for said game.
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At DraxisWeb we make review blogs and videos about all sorts of geeky things including Video Games. We have an Oculus Quest, a Nintendo Switch, a Playstation 4, and a Gaming Laptop. What we don't have though is a lot of disposable income due to being a disabled cancer patient. So the question becomes how do we gain the games we want to review and stream for you? Well, that's where this Patreon comes in! If you want to see us stream certain games, create blogs whether it be reviews, tips, or just updates then we want to know what you want to see and you can help us choose those games by donating to our page.

Why should you want us to succeed? That's simple, because any money we make from our site whether it be through donations or through purchases of our geek crafts gets donated to charity. We work with the Amerian Cancer Society and Extra Life every year to give back to the community and help those that need it. but we need your help to make the content that will help us help others. So please help us pay it forward.

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