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Welcome to the roost, my little hatchling! Look at you all sticky and gross from the egg. So adorable. You'll be grown before I know it!

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Wow, so hungry! Here, have a comic page to satisfy that tiny tummy of yours.

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About Drea Gryphon

Hi! I'm Drea Gryphon.

I'm a sword-swinging sci-fi/fantasy artist and author. Creating is my life blood. I'm also ADHD and the stay-at-home mother of a very loving toddler who likes to be involved in everything I do.

I primarily make comics, write novels (got a couple in progress), and make random crafts. I've made plushes, sculptures, and necklaces. Sometimes I cosplay. Sometimes I game. Sometimes I stream those things. I've also been told I have an interesting life. I would like to share all these things with you!

My main comic is Fur & Fangs, a paranormal bromance comic staring a werewolf named Kevin and his best friend Walter. Kevin's life starts to go down the tubes when his heart howling kicks in and he tries to kill the guy his crush is dating, but instead gets Walter right in the jugular. Somehow Walter's okay? Yup. Nothing weird there...

Brilliance in Action is my journal comic that updates whenever I manage to make a new comic of something silly that happens in my life. I'd like to get that to a regular schedule, but for now it's random.

My homepage and blog is: dreagryphon.com. :)

Thanks for visiting!

(And please keep in mind that I'm a stay-at-home mom with an adorable toddler. Things will be a bit slow from me for a while as Squirt runs interference since I don't have money/access to childcare or any help. I'm a one creator/mommy show. We're working on creating a routine and things should get better as Squirt gets older. Thank you for your patience and understanding.)
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You guys rock! Now I'll do monthly patron-only "Ask the Characters" things!
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