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reward item
per Comic: Sketch, finished page,Prereleased speedpaint
  • View Sketch works in progress.
  • FEATURE TYPE:  Background, small, nonspeaking role, crowd shots 
  • View comics/artwork/commissions earlier than official release dates. 
  • Patronage tier 2 privileges in my DISCORD SERVER
  • 8% Monthly Compounding discount 
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
per Comic: Sketch, finished page,Prereleased speedpaint
  • View colored WIPs.
  • FEATURE TYPE: 1-2 word phrases, possible interaction 
  • %16 monthly compounding discount rate
  • Patronage tier 5 privileges in my DISCORD SERVER. 
  • Plus all previous rewards.
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
per Comic: Sketch, finished page,Prereleased speedpaint
  • Access to patron polls in which you guys can help me decide what goes on in the comics. 
  • FEATURE TYPE:  Small speaking role, short interactions 
  • Access to some raw/unposted footage.
  •  18% Monthly compounding discount
  • Discord 10 Tier privileges 
  • Plus all previous rewards.
Includes Discord benefits




per Comic: Sketch, finished page,Prereleased speedpaint

About DriftingDragon

Welcome ~Driftingdragon! 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my projects! 

Background: My main full-time job is art/writing and eventually even more forms of producing content! The goal is to produce mainly comics while doing a baseline number of monthly commissions. I intend to work hard enough to grow this page enough to continue producing comics and writing, and even potentially a game in the future, along with potentially part-time schooling again to quench my passion for STEM. Wish me luck fellows!
Hope you all enjoy the content we've collected so far~ 


    • Since I have a 'hybrid' patronage system, I place a monthly limit on paid posts, so you never pay more a month than expected! 
      • There are THREE paid posts a month. And are advertised both per post and per month for ease of comprehension! 
        • Paid posts are in the form of public comic pages, and patrons will get more frequently updated pages depending on their tier and the completion of the page, as well as writing for the highest tiers!
        • Patron posts include WIPS of commissions, comics, personal art, writing, and in the future potentially animations. Whatever else I'd be producing once I can commit EVEN MORE time into this. I post randomly nowadays. Whether it be commission or comic WIP, I try to accommodate for everyone's patronage. 
  • Tiers/Patronage 
      • Pictures uploaded way before actual release dates on ALL other sites.
      • Exclusive Patron-only polls. 
      • SHOUTOUTS! in all my videos and comic content :3
      • The occasional short story until I find a rhythm for writing stuff for patrons.  
    • Patrons pledging a certain tier would also get some degree of works in progress which would be uploaded as I go, in the art process. Therefore the tier specific uploads are a bit more random. 
    • Google docs archive! 
    • Tier based cashback rewards!
  • For the future
    • monthly patron streams+tier based freebies
    • MERCH!
12 of 40 patrons
Once I reach this goal I'm considering making a personalized sticker pack including every patron's character! 

And art will be posted more consistently!
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