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Climate accountability — investigating the various drivers of delay on climate action—is critical to understanding and addressing climate change. It's never been more important than now.

Big Oil has already begun leveraging the global coronavirus pandemic to pass its deregulation wishlist and secure dominance. Given that the next decade is absolutely critical for acting on climate, the policies that get put in motion now could literally mean the world. There's never been a more important time for climate accountability reporting, and the team at Drilled News will keep on it, covering every move Big Oil tries to make under the cover of COVID-19.

Drilled News is the only independent, non-advocacy climate accountability reporting outlet. We bring together a handful of print and audio reporters who have been on this beat for years, and we make our reporting available to a broad mix of national outlets as well.

In addition to this website, we produce the Drilled and Hot Take podcasts, the Drilled News newsletter, and sponsor the Heated newsletter. 

We will be partnering with or syndicating to a variety of outlets, including HuffPost, Grist, New York Magazine, Earther, Popula, and more. We are also a proud member of Covering Climate Now, a global journalistic collaboration to strengthen coverage of the climate story. If you would like to syndicate our reporting, or collaborate on a reporting project, get in touch!
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