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I've added this level by request. I update my Patrons on my progress nearly everyday. For a buck a month you get in on the nearly daily updates (Some days I slip to be honest maybe 2 or 3 times a month) The updates generally include descriptions of what I did art wise the previous day, stream and casting call announcements, and each update comes with at least 1 preview picture of what I had been working on.
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About David Hopkins

So, hi guys. If you're here than you you likely already know who I am and what I do. For those that don’t, I draw comics, mainly of the anthropomorphic variety- Yes that's right "Furries!"


Okay yes Furry comics have a… unique….. reputation... And by now you’ve taken a gander at the NSFW label on the page, so I know what you are thinking “This is another one of those freaks that draws pornography!” Well… Yes.. I do- BUT NOT ALL THE TIME!!!

Wait just sit down. Can I get you something? Tea? Coffee? The fridge is stocked with Dr. Pepper? Let me go get you something (Now your saying “Gawd Damn it. he’s one of those Role Playing Furries....”)


Just sit down relax, here drink this….. NoIdidn’tputanythinginit! Okay don’t drink it see if I care! So what I’m all about (Apart from taking a super long time to get to the point) I draw comics and I write stories. Whoopty shit right? Throw a stick in the fandom and you're likely to hit someone who arts or writes, Right?

So why am I so special?

Cause I say so? No, no, that came out wrong. Let me try again... My stories can have nudity, or sex in them, but they are never about that. I’m trying to present something beyond just titillation. I want to engage all your senses, not just your genitals.

I want to give you stories that you keep thinking about long after you’ve read it. I want you to give a damn about whether or not the character survives the story. I want to hit you on a gut level where you're unsure about what you’ve just seen but you ultimately feel like a better person because of it.

From my fans I’ve heard that the qualities they most enjoy about my work is that they can see the characters as real people, that the stories offer something that engages their mind and feelings (and occasionally their naughty bits), and they appreciate how brutally honest some of the stories can be.

Mind you, not just honest about the world or the people in it. Anyone can be honest with you about their opinions on other people. I’m talking about honesty about myself, about my flaws as well as assets, and my personal demons and saints expressed through my work. You're going to see some of my stories and characters and it will upset you the level of honesty I talk to you about myself through them. But In examining the worst parts of me, I believe others can become comfortable in examining the worst parts of themselves and the journey will make us all better individuals in the end.

Now is the part I can tell you about my work ethic. Tell you that I draw everyday and that I am constantly improving by linking you to my web-comic Jack that I’ve been working on for the last 14 years.  Mind you it’s been14 years and the early comics are going to be a little…. rough… both in structure and in artistic talent

Or link you to The Screaming Barrel to show you how I’m trying to hone my work in sequential media, 

Or appeal to you that all will not be tragedy and drama but that there will be a smattering of comedy, whimsy and lighthearted fun as with The Perils of Paula and the ongoing Failing To Bond project.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy my efforts to mix media’s like with my ongoing projects Thebe And The Angry Red Eye and the ongoing comic adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

From these links you can see that I am always creating and am always going forward with new projects that vary in theme and presentation.

You’ll also see that I am trying to include other artists in my projects and using projects as a means to support them. The Thebe project for example includes a cover illustration that was commissioned as was the voice talent who reads the story. Neither were cheap and I suspect I will never get a return on the investment, but I consider it money well spent as it means the project is better than I could of made it on my own. If funded, I fully intend to continue the practice. What a great thing it’ll be to not just ask my regular collaborators to help, but to pay them for their efforts.

You’ll also want to know that everything I make will eventually be free to anyone who wants it. When a project is finished, it is posted. Everyone will be able to enjoy (or not) everything I make. What I ask from Patreon is the means to continue creating. Though the end products will always be free, what I offer in return, exclusively to Patreon funders is the opportunity to watch as these stories are made. Monthly updates and weekly streams to chart it's progress!

And if the campaign is a successful one, there are plans to expand. No commission auctions for the highest tier backers. A commission list! So you will be guaranteed to get your own pictures done without having to hope each go round that your time comes. Exclusive live streams! Who knows what idea may crawl into my brain to die!

But there is a lot in my brain already and I’ve got a lot of work left to do! Hopefully you're game to come along.

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