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*Drooms are lyrical messages channeled by Robin Spriggs from the pandimensional entity known to initiates of The House of Nine as Ä'Zma'n-d'Rüm but familiar to a wider audience of readers and amateur folklorists by the name of Ozman Droom. 

These messages, depending on whom you ask or what you read, are variously described as fables, spells, prose poems, incantations, prophecies, vignettes, gospels, revelations, invocations, evocations, somniloquies, fatiloquies, soul-iloquies, etc. But Spriggs, and those most intimately acquainted with his work, call them simply “drooms.”

Droom Vox Theatre translates these drooms into brief filmic conjurations incanted by Robin Spriggs himself and offered to all would-be celebrants drawn to their numinous frequency. 

This is your invitation to The Ceremony, your golden ticket to the Rite of Conjuration. The door is open. The Host awaits. The only thing missing ... is you.

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Robin Spriggs is the author of The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom, Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist, Wondrous Strange: Tales of the Uncanny, The Dracula Poems, Capes & Cowls: Adventures in Wyrd City, and nearly 200 short stories and poems that have appeared in a wide variety of publications. His work has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award, a Pushcart Prize, and multiple Rhysling Awards.

As an actor, Spriggs guest starred as The Ghost on PlayStation Network’s superhero crime series Powers and has appeared as Harley on The CW's Containment, Captain Franco on NBC's Revolution, and Chris Amante on USA Network's Necessary Roughness. Look for him next in the award-winning off-kilter indie comedy Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! and as conjurer-in-residence for the arcane productions of Droom Vox Theatre.

In the purely aural sphere, Spriggs can also allegedly be found on an obscure album from 1973 entitled Daemon Unbound: The Lost Conjurations of Ozman Droom, performed in concert with the sorcerous ensemble The Holy See and produced by the infamous and ill-fated Villa 9 Studios. The truth of this claim has yet to be verified, and for those inclined to investigate it, extreme caution is advised.



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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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