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Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might Pathfinder RPG Supplements

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About Drop Dead Studios

Tabletop RPGs are about exploring new worlds, new stories, and stepping into the shoes of heroes, villains, and other characters to go on all manner of adventures. At Drop Dead Studios, we craft tabletop RPG supplements designed to expand just what sorts of worlds, stories, and adventurers you can play at your table, giving you new options that let you take the game and truly make it your own.

Specializing in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 1st edition, we are the makers of the Spheres system, including Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might, and we believe that our job is to help you unleash your creativity and the scope of your adventures! 

Our books can be found RPG Drivethru, Paizo.com, and D20pfsrd.com.

What Does this Patreon Fund?

While we are always working on the next big publication and publishing smaller projects as the opportunity arises, this patreon is the main driving force behind our handbooks, facilitating the creation and release of an average of one book per month. These handbooks (averaging 30 pages each) are usually expansions to Spheres of Might/Spheres of Power, but as the backers decide they could also include new subsystems, setting guides, adventure modules, and more.

As a backer, you will have access to polls that determine our content, playtest documents to help shape the course of our publications, as well as content months before it releases!

What Is Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might?

Spheres of Power was our first major publication, and our flagship product to this day. With Ultimate Spheres of Power just released (an enormous compilation book with over 600 pages of crunch), Spheres of Power is a concept-based magic system, where rather than having to mold your concept around spell levels and vancian magic, we let you mold the magic around your character, letting you build entire concepts right from level one that let you play who you want right from the get-go, be they a mage who manipulates time, a rendition of a favorite anime character, a skillful jedi, or whatever else your world, and your imagination, could create.

It's companion volume, Spheres of Might, performs a similar opening of concept-based play, but for martial combat. Like Spheres of Power, it uses a series of spheres and talents to vastly increase the options available to martial characters, enabled a much more concept-based creation system, as well as fundamentally changed the way they played to make combat more cinematic, tactical, and fun.

Why Support Drop Dead Studios? 

It is only through your support that these handbooks and their expanded content can be made. Without that support, we wouldn't be able to pay the designers, artists, and writers what they deserve, and new content would be infrequent, if it managed to come out at all!

As designers, we want to give you the tools you need to have awesome adventures at your table, and we can't do that without support. By backing us, you give us the chance to make new content and get to make your voice heard when it comes to meeting your needs at the table. Whether it be through our open playtests, conversations on this patreon and in our discord, or polls that we use to gauge your opinions, by backing this patreon you will get the chance to help guide the development of our content and help it to better meet your needs. Not to mention, the more backing this patreon gets, the more we can pay our creators, which means they can spend more time making even more amazing content for you.

How It Works 

You decide on the level of support you want to give us, and what rewards you would like. For example, if you choose the $5 pledge level, we will send you a PDF of each of our handbooks as they release. If you choose a higher level, you will also be sent Hero Lab files or physical books of whatever handbooks you help fund.

As a patron, you will be sent links to all manner of books in playtest and get to make your voices heard on their content as we get them ready for release. We usually only release a single handbook each month, but sometimes we ask backers if they'd like to get two per month if we are particularly productive. If you want, you can cap your pledge so that you won't ever be charged more than you wish.

At the end of the month, Patreon bills you for the support you gave us that month, and after taking a processing fee, sends the rest directly to us, where your money is used to pay the artists, writers, and others who helped make your handbook a reality.

Thank You!

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