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Chuck'n a buck?? y'all cool af! 😎
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Join the cool kids club! If I can get a handful of people to sign up on this tier within the next month it'll justify me doing this, and allow me to expand and add perks n ish!
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If you are willing to drop five bucks on this patreon straight out the gates you get producer credits at the end of all of my proper videos. (Tier to be updated in the unforeseeable future)




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About Drunken Atheist Studio

Hey gang!
Chris Holowick! 
Coming atchu
With a NEW!

Now I know what you are thinking...

"Nobody watches your channel dude"

and yes, that may be true, but with encouragement from some of my followers, and the fact that it costs me straight up cash money to produce my videos, if some of you guys want to support Drunken Atheist Studio by chuck'n a buck, that would be cool af! 

I'm kind of just beta testing the whole patreon thing, but if we can get something going here, I would love to make content for people who are excited about the the super important stuff that I talk about in addition to my wicked sick PS4 LIVESTREAMS!  Whether you want to donate or not, the fact that you tune in and watch my stuff makes me feel great! Stay Metal

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