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About DryCleanerCast

Hi my name is Chris and I produce and host "The Dry CleanerCast", which is a monthly #podcast that takes a new look at "The War on Terror" its legacy & espionage in the 21st century. 

I started this podcast as I really wanted to get a better understanding of the world of counter-terrorism and espionage from the people who have direct experience working in that field. There are a lot of myths, misunderstandings and mis-information about "the war on terror" and its legacy, so I felt it was about time to take a new look at it. 

This podcast has grown and your support and enthusiasm for our podcasts keeps the show going. I just want to thank our listeners worldwide for your support. I have joined Patreon so I can connect better with you, grow the show and hopefully create a more rewarding listening experience. 

I would like to increase the quality of our podcast to the level of shows such as "This American Life", "The Bob Cesca Show" and "War on the Rocks". To do that I will need to upgrade some of my audio equipment. It actually won't be too hard to get us to that point on a technical level. I also need to buy myself more time per month to do research for the show so I can keep attracting quality guests and engage with them on a meaningful level and give you the best and most informative show possible.

To do this I have created two tiers of support for now, $2 and $5 dollars. For those who can pledge $5 you'll get access to a new show I will produce quarterly called "Need to know" starting in July.

Thank you for your continued support. It means a lot!

All the best

Chris Carr

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Welcome to "the community". You'll now be in the know and we will keep you in the loop about the content of future episodes in advanced of transmission. We will also tell you about future screenings of our short spy film "The Dry Cleaner" once it's completed later this year.
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Not only will you be a member of "the community", you'll get an HD copy of the short film "The Dry Cleaner" in Jan 2019 and an HD copy of the making of the film in mid 2018. 
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If we can grow the podcast to this level, I'll change the podcast to weekly.

The "Need To Know" format show will dominate in which I look at the key intelligence, terrorism and geo-political stories and chat with relevant experts on those topics to help you understand those events better.

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