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Welcome to the Blood Keep, home of the Duke. This is my lair where I paint minis and play games. I've been torturing plastic people with acrylic coated tickle sticks for more than 25 years and some people have said they like what I do. 

If you're one of those amazing people and you'd like to support my work then you're in the right place. There's no obligation to become my patron, I paint because I love doing it and I share it with you guys because I need to feed my ego. However if you'd like to throw some money in the hat I promise every penny will be spent on improving my work, buying new paints, new brushes and new minis. 

There will be no exclusive content locked behind paywalls, but I would like to use this space to engage with my fans, so I will be posting polls and behind the scenes or work in progress updates. I also want to hear from you! I'm happy to share tips and advice and hear what you would like me to paint next, so feel free to get in touch.

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