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Dungeon Planner
per month
  • Dungeon Planner discord role and #patreon channel.
  • Standalone Stairs and Walls.
  • Vote on new weekly rooms for DunGen.
Includes Discord benefits
Dungeon Designer
per month
  • All of the Dungeon Planner perks.
  • Dungeon Designer discord role and #patreon channel. 
  • Create automatic Dynamic Lighting for Roll20 
  • Create automatic Walls for Foundry VTT.
  • Create automatic Line of Sight Definitions for Fantasy Grounds Unity.
  • Access to super high-res pack Dungeon Tiles: DM Essentials.
Includes Discord benefits
Dungeon Architect
per month
  • All of the Dungeon Designer perks.
  • Dungeon Architect discord role and #patreon channel.
  • Download generated dungeons at double the resolution (140px per tile). 
  • Download the full tilesets of all themes.
  • Weekly new rooms as standalone high-res images to customize your maps.
  • Access to the !dungen hq command for discord.
Includes Discord benefits




per month


Hi there, and thank you for joining me in this quest to create fantastic dungeons for your tabletop roleplaying games, your villains will be ecstatic!

DunGen is a Dungeon Generator available via Web and Discord that will generate high resolution dungeons ready to use in your favorite virtual tabletops in seconds. It is free for anyone to use, but joining me on patreon will give me a hand to maintain it and give you some amazing perks to further customize any generated dungeons to completely fit your plans for world domin.. err.. your villain's lair. Yes, your villain's lair.

DunGen for Web

DunGen for web is available at  DunGen.app

DunGen will generate dungeons you can download at 70px per tile, which is the default or better than most major tabletops. Images are perfectly aligned so there's no fiddling required to make it work with your tabletop's grid and at that resolution they are optimized to always be below 5mb in size, the usual maximum for free users in major platforms. Simply upload to your favorite VTT and you're good to go.

There are several sizes and themes to choose from, and you have the option to create multi-level dungeons. This will add a large staircase you can use to connect different levels together. A fantastic mega-dungeon is at your fingertips. Soon you will also have the ability to include traps and special environmental rooms as well, in addition to new themes or tilesets that will be added.

If you instead feel like browsing, there's also a gallery you can access with the last few dungeons of each size that were generated.

Patrons at the Dungeon Designer tier and above will be able to automatically generate Dynamic Lighting for Roll20 (requires a Roll20 API Script) and Walls for Foundry VTT.

Patrons at the Dungeon Architect tier will be able to download at an even higher resolution of 140px per tile and have access to all rooms, hallways and traps as separate images to further customize your generated dungeons extremely easily in any virtual tabletop. Just drag and drop to create a new boss room, connect different dungeons to create an even larger one or add a secret room full of treasure to reward your players; all in just a few seconds.

DunGen for Discord

DunGen for Discord works in pretty much the same way as the web version, but using commands to tell it what you want. Using it is easy and it's available in hundreds of discord servers. You can learn more about how to use it and even add it to your own discord server  here.

Why Patreon?

For years I've always offered plenty of free content over at  DungeonChannel.com without ever running ads or anything intrusive, I want to continue in that spirit and make DunGen available to everyone. That said, due to its use of high resolution images DunGen requires a lot of processing power, and unfortunately that doesn't come cheap. Any pledge would greatly assist me in keeping the lights on for everyone, and you get amazing perks in return.

Pledge levels

All pledges come with an equally named discord role and access to the patreon channel in the official server. It will also allow you to login through Patreon on the website.

As a Dungeon Planner you will receive:

  • Dungeon Planner discord role, and access to the private #patreon channel.
  • Standalone images of Stairs and Walls to place on top of the map to quickly and easily build multi-story dungeons and secret rooms.
  • Provided there are enough sketches, every week you can also vote for a new room to be added to DunGen.

As a Dungeon Designer you will additionally be able to:

  • All Dungeon Planner rewards.
  • Dungeon Designer discord role, and access to the private #patreon channel.
  • Create automatic Dynamic Lighting for Roll20 
  • Create automatic Walls for Foundry VTT.
  • Have access to Dungeon Tiles: DM Essentials, a large collection of over 160 tiles to customize your generated maps or create your own from scratch in super high resolution (140px per square).

As a Dungeon Architect you will additionally be able to:

  • All Dungeon Designer rewards.
  • Dungeon Architect discord role, and access to the private #patreon channel.
  • Download generated dungeons at double the resolution (140px per tile).
  • Download the full tilesets of all themes (5 at the moment: Original, Ice Temple, Stylized Gray, Paper White, Virtual World)
  • Download the final standalone images of all new rooms added to DunGen to further customize your generated maps (currently 20+ and counting).
  • The !dungen hq command on discord will be available to you as well to access 140px dungeons on that platform.

(140px tiles allow for 200% zoom without any loss of quality)

How can I participate?

Glad you asked!
I’m always happy to hear your suggestions. You can also  send a #sketch of a dungeon room you'd like to see in the generator, doesn't have to be fancy. If there are enough sketches available, we'll make a poll here every week to see which ones to create and add to DunGen. Dungeon Architects also get the final standalone super high resolution image to use.

Commercial use license

If you'd like to use the app or tilesets in commercial products, you can send me an email to:  [email protected]

Thank you for being awesome!
$650 - reached! per month
Will be able to upgrade the servers running DunGen and have some wiggle room to grow as more people add and use the bot and website.
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