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Thank you! You will get officially listed on our website to thank you for your support, and access to monthly Drinks With The DM podcasts where Dungeon Master Lauren answers your questions, gives behind the scenes info and plays hilarious bloopers from recordings!
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Along with all the Rare Tier rewards, you'll have access to the actual character sheets for the Heralds of Greenest, updated as gear and stats change. This includes details on the custom magic items created just for our game!

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Along with all the Rare & Very Rare Tier rewards, you also get a shot of fireball dedicated to you during an episode by Jonathan Serna!




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About Dungeon Drunks

Every week five friends get together, talk about their drinks, and play Dungeons & Dragons. Now after a few years and over 100 episodes we want to do more! We want to make our podcast sound better, and bring you more special episodes. We want to see you at conventions, play with you online, and thank you in our credits.

With your help we can create more D&D podcast goodness for you!

Your pledge will help us pay for all the things that will bring you a better show. High quality equipment to bring you better audio and video fidelity. Supplemental goodies like character sheets, art, and bonus podcasts. Better live shows at more conventions. And most importantly if there is something you want we can afford to bring it to you!

Check out our show on your favorite podcasting app, or listen directly on our Podbean site (dungeondrunks.podbean.com), and if you like what you hear then please consider becoming a patron!
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Now we're in epic levels! At this amount we can hire professional artist Luke McKay to create updated character art, maps, and scenic set pieces from the campaign to bring you an even better experience! New art pieces will be available as a high quality digital download, and patrons will be able to make requests!
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