Dungeon Drunks is creating Podcasts

Rare Tier

$1 /mo
Thank you! You will get officially listed on our website to thank you for your support, and access to monthly Drinks With The DM podcasts where Dungeon Master Lauren answers your questions, gives b...

Very Rare Tier

$5 /mo
Along with all the Rare Tier rewards, you'll have access to the actual character sheets for the Heralds of Greenest, updated each month as gear and stats change. This includes details on the custom...

Legendary Tier

$10 /mo
Along with all the Rare & Very Rare Tier rewards, you also get a shot of fireball dedicated to you during an episode by Jonathan Serna!

Artifact Tier

$25 /mo
Along with all the Rare, Very Rare, and Legendary Tier rewards, you also get special cast content! Once a quarter one of our players will offer something special just for you: a livestream, extra c...

Wonderous Tier

$50 /mo
Along with all rewards from all the other Tiers, you also get to become an NPC! Have you ever wanted to be a part of the game? We will name a character after you, forever immortalized in Dungeon Dr...