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You found us early and you can get the miniatures box at a lower price!  There is a limited number so grab them while you can.

You will receive 7 or more high-detailed miniatures that we friggin' love and want on our table-tops. You also gain access to the 'fluff' we produce in the form of world-building, maps, and adventure ideas!
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You will receive 7 or more high-detailed miniatures that we friggin' love and want on our table-tops.  You also gain access to the 'fluff' we produce in the form of world-building, maps, and adventure ideas!
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Early access to content
  • Patron-only voting power
  • Package of Miniatures

About Dungeon Swag

Greetings Adventurers, join us on a journey to provide a wide variety of miniatures, dungeon fixtures and story fluff in a mystery box format brought to you via subscription each month. Your box will include 4 or more highly detailed miniatures, bases, and other potential swag as we increase our reach. On patreon you'll get adventure ideas, story fluff, and tips/trick for painting and running games. We might even include some of our custom minis we've kitbashed together to inspire you!

Tom and Chris

**US Residents Only!!** 
Eventually, we will explore shipping options for other countries.

While looking for a monthly loot box for miniatures and not finding any we figured we would just start our own.

What size are the miniatures?
These would be 28mm miniatures for your tabletop adventures.

Why Patreon?
Several reasons. We wanted a great way for people to feel like they are connected to the loot box they get each month. Not only will members get a box in the mail, but we will also be making story content to kick off your adventures with the mini’s. We believe that it also provides us with a great way of keeping all members up to date on what is occurring and what will be coming in the next loot boxes. As we grow, we will look to expand where we acquire our miniatures each month. We hope that you will join us on this adventure.

Where are the Miniatures coming from?
There are a lot of amazing artists on Patreon that provide the STL files to their work. We would be supporting them and providing printed versions of their miniatures to you. As we get more supporters we would love to collaborate with these artists to provide you a great product for you to look forward to getting each month.

Additional Info
Bases for the miniatures would include but they will not be attached to the miniature.  All prints will be removed from the majority of their printing supports, but some may remain to add additional support during shipping.  These can typically be removed with tweezers or a hobby knife.  The resin used is a plant-based resin.  The prints will not be hollowed out as this can leave resin that is not cured inside the miniature.  We do our best to make sure the miniatures are packaged well but if you open your box and you have a damaged miniature please contact us immediately on Patreon.  These miniatures are recommended for ages 12 and up.

A World in Peril...
In the land of Pallarthan a darkness has begin to grow. This is not the kind of darkness that is immediately apparent, but a subtle and hidden menace. Within the different peoples of the world, leaders are becoming corrupt, when they were once benevolent. Groups that have never been part of the mainstream world have emerged from obscurity and are making themselves known, be it through diplomacy, trade, or outright violence. Rumors of a corruption coming from somewhere deep and forgotten are surfacing, yet the greatest scholars and arcanists can find nothing to substantiate these whispers. A general uneasiness has embraced the peoples, especially those in the communities and fringe groups that live in and around the forests and hills.

Along the seaboards, coastal villages are finding fewer and fewer fish, and boats are starting to disappear, but all signs point to an increase in seemingly normal disasters being to blame. Hunting accidents, adventurers getting lost, and a growing number of bandit factions have made the roads unsafe. Long forgotten giant-kin have come down from the mountains, trying to escape the creeping sensation that things aren’t okay, and this creates a numerad of new problems, as their ways differ so much from that of the current natives. The druids have come out of the forest seeking aid, and seem to have information that everyone else does not, but be it their cryptic ways, or their unwillingness to share their secrets has made it unclear as to what their intentions are. A general distrust of these individuals who once shunned society creates a divide in those who are asking for help, and those who can provide it.

This is where you come in!
  • These stories need told, and you are the only one who can find brave adventures and help them discover the threat and try to quell it.
  • Painting the miniatures that come in your monthly kit and designing play for your friends will be crucial in this endeavor.
  • Providing feed-back and participating in our patreon campaign will help develop these stories even further, and also may help the rest of the community with their part in this heroic endeavor. 

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