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is creating A better world through helping people overcome mental barriers
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To anyone that gives 1000 dollars will receive my 6,000 dollar coaching program and will have ways to keep a constant contact with me to help them through their growth



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To whom this may reach, please also pass along.

My name is Franklin Durden. I am reaching out to share a vision with you. I envision a world where we have all of the problems we face today solved. And people of all race-creed lives in harmony. I will change millions of people's lives through enriching them with knowledge, and teaching them the proper way to break habit loops and mental barriers. So that they may reach their fullest potential. It is my mission to leave this world better then I received it.

Now you may be wondering why im reaching out for your help? This is simple I require resources to help bring forth this vision. The resources could just be some of your own knowledge on building ways to spread influence. It could be a donation by you, or even sponsorship. There is many avenues for you to assist in helping fulfill this mission I have set forth.

All I am seeking is opportunity to demonstrate my value that I have to offer. And if you see no fit then I appreciate your time and effort.
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This goal is to help me gather the equipment so need so I can launch my content and also advertise it so the content and reach and help other (all my content will be free so that it helps those who need it most!) thank you for anything you pledge I promise it will be of good works
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