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About Durf

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

By supporting me on Patreon, you're not only supporting my YouTube channels, but all the projects I take on like the Modpacks for Scrap Mechanic. Supporters on Patreon make my life significantly less stressful and they actually help out way more than they know.  Your support directly reduces the hours I have to spend working another job, instead of the things you guys love! Also you don't have to feel bad for using ab-blocker on my videos 😉

If you like what I'm doing on YouTube or mods, and want to buy me a cup of coffee every month ($12 per 365 days) I would very much appreciate it. If 10% of my subscribers did this, I would be able to start focusing on all my projects full time, and dedicate 100% of myself to what you guys love.

In fact, if I get to a point where I no longer require additional support to keep things going, I will definitely let my supporters know. It feels weird to me asking for this kind of help, and I explore all my options like deals with game providers and developers. But your direct support is what allows me to focus on what you love the most, without having to compromise because of my current situation.

And finally, I want to start developing my own games, including a creative building game similar to Scrap Mechanic, made in Unity with a much better physics engine, and your support could make a huge difference in allowing me to do this!

I appreciate that you made it to this page. Just the fact that you're here tells me that you've thought about the time and effort that goes into making mods and videos.
I believe it goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your financial support. I'll say it anyways though. Thank you. I truly appreciate it.

The Patreon model has us place rewards here to entice you to donate, but if we're both honest... you're here because you understand what I'm trying to do with mods and YouTube, and you think the ridiculous amount of hours I put into most of the stuff I do is worth it!
You "get it". You truly appreciate what I do. You are a true fan and a fellow tinkerer and friend.

Take it easy,
~ Durf
27% complete
Everyone who helps me reach this goal is super awesome mega ultra mondo sexy beans!
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