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About Dusky Hallows

Joystick Bliss is the adult game currently in development by Dusky Hallows Studio!

Joystick Bliss is a genre mash about sex, explosions and arcade nostalgia. Customise your character and explore the city of Burgville, fight battles in the ongoing faction war between arcade clubs, break all the records, and seduce anyone over 18 and willing - which happens to be just about everyone. If you've played your cards well, you'll get kinky scenes with your characters of choice.

Joystick Bliss already has a wide range of characters, with a variety of kinks and personalities! We’re planning to add even more people that you’ll be able to encounter, and the more support we can get here on Patreon, the more variation we can add!

Things we’re planning to include:
  • A storyline centred around the conflict between different arcade factions
  • The ability to befriend, seduce or make enemies of characters you meet
  • RPG style battle elements, with other mini-games - a bullet hell, arcade style shooter, and a DDR style rhythm game
  • Customizing your avatar
  • Ability to visit many locations, including the main character’s apartments
  • Playing as a female character
  • An inventory system
  • Buying items and weapons for use in battle or character interactions
  • Unlockable items that lead to unique scenes
  • A day and night cycle allowing you to fill your time with exploring or interacting with characters

Support us if you’d like to help us work on these things!
Patrons can also vote in polls and help us decide which parts to focus on developing first. Check the tier rewards to see what other goodies you’ll get in exchange for becoming a Patron!

Sanguine Rose is Dusky Hallows Studio’s first game, an erotic Visual Novel, featuring Maledom and Femdom content, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Teasing, prostitution, and Group Sex.

Sanguine Rose is now available to buy on Steam!

Sanguine Rose is an erotic visual novel set in a fantasy medieval world. You play as Roman, a mercenary tasked with kidnapping Amarinthia's High General: Carmen Valentine. When the mission takes a turn for the worse, you and your band of mercenaries find yourself locked in a battle of wits with your prisoner. It's up to you to navigate Carmen's tricks and prevent her from escaping. Debauchery awaits!

Sanguine Rose Contains:
16 H-Scenes, 5 of which contain variations
4 ending galleries, with 11 total variations
5 epilogues
167 Gallery Unlockables
3 Animations

Over 107,000 words 

Dusky Hallows are a team of two developers working together to create kinky games!


Artist, character development, all things visual
Duski is a lover of metal, vampires, demons, history, BDSM and piercings. She collects gifs of cats on roombas.
Duski's personal Twitter
Email: [email protected]


Writer, programmer, occasional composer
Hallows is perpetually online. He’s a dungeon master. No, the other kind.
Email: [email protected]

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