Dutch is creating Web Comics (mistythemouse.com), pin-ups, Illustrations and more!

$1 Tier Patrons

$1 /mo
You get a 'Thank You!' email every month! You also get access to the high-res picture files (300 dpi) NSFW and otherwise at the end of the month in a Dropbox link as well as being the first to see ...

$3 Tier Patrons

$3 /mo
Get a personalized one-time quick sketch from me when pledging $3 a month! This does not mean you can join up for a month, get a sketch, quit and then re-join to get another one. Any $3 tier and hi...

$5 Tier Patrons

$5 /mo
Get a personalized one-time quick sketch from me when pledging $5 or more a month! Same rules apply for the $3.00 reward. Any $3 tier and higher will have access to the hi-res versions (300 dpi) of...

$10 Tier Patrons

$10 /mo
Super fast quick sketch of anything you'd like to see (within reason, but I'm pretty flexible!) I will design a character, make a pun, and this can be a one-on-one Livestream (or on Skype)! Any $3 ...

$20 Tier Patrons

$20 /mo
An 8.5 X11 sketch by yours truly per month. It can be any character from the comic you desire, or your own character. 
Option for subsequent $20 patrons: I can ink and color past sketches as op...

$50 Tier Patrons

$50 /mo
A full inked-in pic of  up to two characters (depending on level of detail-artist discretion). And if you like, a one-on-one Picarto stream for 2 hours, and I will draw and ink whatever you'd like ...

$75 Tier Patrons

$75 /mo
A full-blown commission (pencils, color inks) or the equivalent of that in sketches or inks. We can also One-on-One Livestream (or Skype) for three hours. This means just you and I get thre...

$100 Tier Patrons

$100 /mo
Full-blown inks and color limited to two characters, and by two I mean two different pictures, which can be of two different characters or two drawings of ...