DwagonSlayers is creating Videos on Youtube.

$1 /mo
Get our thanks for now that's all we can afford at the moment. Your name will also be in the special thanks credits at the end of our videos.

$5 /mo
With this reward you'll get to see our videos early. Even before the videos get put on youtube. With the reward from the first reward.

$10 /mo
You'll get a copy of our script that we use in our scripted videos. I'll Think of more rewards for this one later on down the line.

$25 /mo
Those who contribute $25 or more will get all the past rewards, but also get to talk to us personally on skype for an hour at a scheduled time that's good for all of us. You can also give us a an o...

$50 /mo
You'll get all the past rewards and you will get a personal video from us. You will also get a shout from us on one of our videos. Since this a also a video game channel you will get the chance to ...