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About Dylan Lees

Thank you for coming!

Maybe you already know who I am, and maybe you've just discovered me; either way, welcome to Dylan Lees Photography on Patreon! It's traditional to spend a little time in this space talking about who I am, what this project means to me, and why you might want to back it.

I'm Dylan Lees, and Dylan Lees Photography is about me being able to do what I really love doing: creating beautiful art that moves people on an emotional level. I've been photographing since I was a child, but it wasn't until much later - towards the end of my teenage years - that I discovered photography for the sake of art, and started to truly explore what my style of photographic art is all about.

So that's what this project is to me. But what is it to you? Well, I can't really tell you that - but here's a few things it might be about:

First off, you could just want to help me create more art, in which case you're a wonderful and selfless person with good taste! You might also be interested in peering into the inner workings of my photography and my creative process; that's also something you can get by supporting me here. Or you might want to be personally involved in steering the direction of future projects; that's also something Patreon is all about!

Or you might be interested in the rewards. I wouldn't blame you; they're good rewards, the best I could come up with. There's something for every level of support, including:

  • Every supporter, at any level, gets access to special patron-only content. This content will include previews of my future projects, peeks into my editing and creative process, 'vacation roll' style shots from my trips that don't make the official gallery, and more! This is one area where every patron can help their fellows; I'll be listening to suggestions for what you guys want to see, and your suggestion could very well be the next update feature! 
  • Every supporter also gets access to a discount code, usable at all of my online storefronts (at present, that includes the Etsy shop and anything posted to the Facebook page). This discount code entitles you to a 10% discount on all my work, so don't forget to use it when you buy something from me in the future! 
  • Supporters at or above the $5 monthly level will have access to high quality desktop wallpaper packs (smartphone sized, too!). These packs will consist of a selection of the best images from every shoot or trip, and will be released throughout the year. Additionally, a number of classic packs are available immediately, containing some of my more popular and enduring current images. Additional sizes are available upon request.
  • Supporters at or above the $10 monthly level get a beautiful wall calendar once per year, featuring a high quality and seasonally-appropriate image for each month. The calendar is so big and beautiful, it's like having twelve small prints fresh every year!
  • Supporters at or above the $20 monthly level will receive a photo of their choice in the form of a stunning acrylic photo block, once every year. This three-dimensional presentation is a great way to display your favorite print right on your desk, and doesn't require any wall space! 
  • Supporters at or above the $30 monthly level are entitled to receive, in addition to everything listed above, a framed limited edition print of their choice every year. It doesn't need to be something from the year - it can be anything you like, as long as the edition hasn't sold out.
  • At the $50 monthly level, supporters will qualify as a Sponsor. Sponsors will receive credit in all photo books, calendars, web sites, and any other future work where credit can be given. Sponsors are also entitled to receive a large sized limited edition print instead of the standard sized one. 

Quite a list, huh? At this point, you're probably wondering where all the money is going. Rest assured, I'm not just pocketing it; everything raised from this Patreon project will go towards my work, paying for my expenses and allowing me to create more content, better content, and more frequent content for a bigger audience.

To begin with, the money will be going towards my basic expenses. I have to pay web hosting for my photography site, as well as fees for the digital platforms I display images on. I also have advertising expenses, and physical expenses associated with my printmaking. It's all very boring, but it needs paying!

After that, more exciting stuff can start to happen. More money coming in means more photo trips, and more photos produced. For about every hundred dollars a month, I can add another full-fledged photo trip to my schedule, which is good for everyone. From there, the more money my patrons bring just means more stuff produced and shown. The end goal is to have enough coming in that I can rent gallery space somewhere and set up a physical presence of my own - but that would be the start of a whole new project, so that's where the goals end for this one!

If you've read this far, thank you for your interest, and I hope you've been convinced to join me on this photographic journey. It's going to be a blast!
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This would allow me to cover my current advertising level entirely from Patreon funds, allowing me to increase my advertising, or use those funds for other, more exciting purposes.
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