Dylan Sara is creating yoga teacher portraits


$2 /mo
Thank you! As an official patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed with project updates once every month.


$5 /mo
You'll receive access to high resolution photos of my work and access to my patron-only feed.


$10 /mo
You'll receive a 14.5x14.5cm mini print of the Face(t)s of the month.

Mini-prints are sent every two months.

Mini Calligraphy

$27 /mo
You'll receive a hand lettered Sanskrit calligraphy piece 14.5x14.5cm plus previous rewards.


$54 /mo
Every month you'll receive a 30x30cm fine art print of the Face(t)s of the month plus all previous rewards.

Original Art

$108 /mo
Each month, I'll send you an ink portrait of you or a loved one, plus the Face(t)s of the month print.