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All of our day-to-day lives depend on volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous globe-spanning systems.  Many of these systems have emerged with less care given than we'd like to how they fail.  If there are folks who don't like the work you do or the life you live, whether you're an activist, a journalist, a sex worker, or a member of any number of other at-risk groups, you have to worry even more about those failure modes.  If you build or secure these systems, it's often difficult to understand how to make sure your work has the impact you want.

I work on both security and systems failures at a number of different scales.  I've spent more than a decade thinking about threat modeling and application security in an enterprise context.  As I've started working with at-risk communities directly, I've realized that we know far less than we should about how to actually keep people safe.  Without both that direct engagement and a broad, contextual understanding of how these systems fit into the world, this is unlikely to change.  In my day to day work, I help  teams and projects to share this understanding, but this only scales so far.

This is where you guys come in.  I've been speaking and writing informally about these subjects for five or six years.  You may have seen my talks at 30C3The Conference in Malmö, or Creative Time's annual summit at the Venice Bienalle, and my writing either on my site, on Medium, or in The Nation. I can only afford to devote so much time to writing, and I've got a long back-catalog of material I'd like to write about, everything from very practical information for developers, funders, and field teams to more theoretical and contextual material.  While a lot of what I write is about security and traditional technical concepts, it's also important that we learn how to better think about systems and society on longer time scales.  Unless we understand the philosophy of our connected world, our tools will always fall short.  With your help, it's easier for me to find spare time to get this stuff out there.  I'm planning on publishing one or two essays a month here, but you can also set a monthly cap for your contribution.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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