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Don't forget to check out my other photoshoots. Thank you very much! 
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About Dzikan

Hello, My Friends!

My name is M.Dzikan and I am a cosplay photographer, retoucher and model. This is my work, my hobby and my life for about 4 years. 

I really like making great photos and put my whole soul into it. I pay attention to details and atmosphere of the pictures, I'm doing. If image you see bring more than just admiration of woman's body beauty, it means I did my job great. I believe there always must be story or hidden message behind every project, so this is my way of telling life stories.

There are a lot of pretty models, that I'm working with. Mostly they are cosplayers, unprofessional models and just friends. These are one of the strongest points of my works and patreon page in particular - Versatility. I'm constantly in search of new faces and trying to pick model that will be suited for current project best.

I, myself, too participate as the Model in my own projects. Some of them you can see here )

I have a lot of ideas and plans for future projects. Especially for Erotic Cosplay photoshoots.
I don't think, that those kind of photos should be vulgar or naff. It have to be intimate, atmospheric and delicate. It should look like a painting, that you would like to hang on the wall.

Hope, you'll like my Art~

What projects we did so far!

About Rewards!

I post every time I have something worthy for my lovely Patrons!
I usually send Rewards at the end of each month or at the beginning of next month. It's a moment when you'll get freshly made photoshoot! Hope you'll be patience and won't put down your interest on my works my Sweethearts!

Also, I don't want my patreon to be like a shop, so I share my photoshoots among all patrons regardless of their pledges. Because all of you supports me and it's very important for me.
So all of my patrons will see at least few photos of each photoshoot~

Previews to *"Main photoshoots" I did so far you can find here:
Main Photoshoots
Previews to *"Lingerie Specials" or "Special" I did, you can find here:
Lingerie Specials

*Main photoshoot is a cosplay photoshoot we are working on current month.
*Lingerie Special or Specials is a photoshoot that was made to introduce new models or for pure experiments (that might be used to improve Main photoshoots). 

By the way, every new Patron starting from 1$, will recieve WELCOME GIFT from me. Gift is different for each tier and richer )

//If you have something, that worries you, or you are unhappy with something - just write me in PM - we'll surely discuss it)

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