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About E3kHatena

Hello, Everyone

I'm E3kHatena! I've been online in some form since 2009, starting on Flipnote and moving to YouTube and eventually becoming the director of editing on the channel Source Code, streaming various games on Twitch, and writing a more serious online work by the name of New Infinity. I am looking to improve, branch out into new territory, and reach more people, and that starts with you. After all, all art, no matter how great, no matter how cheesy or weird, is created for someone, an audience. Thank you for making it to this page and considering checking out my stuff, and maybe even helping me cover the cost of making content for you all. You're the best!
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$100 a month actually surpasses what I make from YouTube at the current moment, which is frankly absolutely exciting! While its no full-time job, let alone part-time, your donations make sure I can still pay my bills and afford classes and books, which frees me up for tackling different games or affording better equipment!
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