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About Escape Artists Inc.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Escape Artists Patreon!


Escape Artists Inc. is the publishing company behind Escape PodPodCastlePseudoPod, and Cast of Wonders. Over the past decade and a half our donors and subscribers have brought you the best in free weekly audio genre fiction each and every week. Our four shows total over 2000 episodes, and reach an average of half a million listeners a month.


  • To provide a way for listeners who don't use Paypal to support us, keeping our lights on and our servers humming.
  • To continue our mission of paying everyone involved with our shows - authors, staff, and narrators.
  • We want to expand! We've started experimenting with generating non-fiction content, and we have ideas for a fifth fiction podcast. And to do it, we need your help.

Patreon gives our audience a flexible new support option, and another way for listeners and fans like you to help provide a steady source of income. Our episodes will always be available for free on our websites, but we rely on donors like you to make that happen. As always, every dime goes towards paying our creators, feeding our servers, and bringing you more great audio fiction.

We want to hear from you about what you're looking for. We started with a few different goals, and continue to refine them based on your suggestions and feedback. But they always represent the pillars of what we stand for - paying our contributors and staying true to audio publication.


Publisher and veteran nonfiction writer Alasdair Stuart, and Karen Bovenmyer, of the much-missed Mothership Zeta, provide our Patrons with monthly non-fiction and commentary, focused on introducing newcomers to the fascinating and often bumpy landscape of genre fiction with interviews, reviews and convention reports.


Let us know! You can find Alasdair and Marguerite on Twitter, or send us a message.


Your support means everything to us and we're excited to be joining Patreon!
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