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is creating The EBT Ghetto Chef Comedy Show
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About Jeff Jaggers

     For over 10 years, I have worked in the food industry off and on until one day I was unable
to continue as a Kitchen Manager/Sou Chef. I was kinda "out of place" when I left my home town of Charlottesville, Va., and moved to L.A. SHEESH! I couldn't even land a job as a sandwich maker for Arby's. I later discovered film by accident and started filming, just to see if I could do it. It was all the motivation I needed and rediscovered cooking, for a healthier purpose making my first Youtube shows as the EBT Ghetto Chef of L.A.

     It wasn't long before I created my first series of cooking-comedy shows that I had a knack
for teaching the importance in having a healthier outlook, even if I was receiving
food stamps. Between jobs, I learned a great deal in cultural food, the health industry, dinner parties I catered and couch surfing while, to which I owe a great deal of gratitude to for the diversity.

     This helped me to define what I could produce and what I could afford to keep myself fed. Having discovered this niche, I became a "smarter shopper", proving that one can eat the fancy stuff for as little as $2.50 a plate, while skirting on the fringes of poverty. This is where "Meal Sharing" became the community concept behind the show.

     It would be years later that I was able to form my own nonprofit broadcast medium and bring my journalistic talents to the forefront. I have since held many honors for being an artist, community activist, published writer and a cook of frugality, using comedy as a way to make things simple, healthier and fun for all.

     Therefore, I cook and eat like a KING on food stamps, maintaining a 100% at every yearly physical I've had, since. 

     Now I want to bring my passions to fruition and share great meals with various communities that struggle as I do now. I bring to you all: The EBT Ghetto Chef - The Return of the Back Burner
Love, live, laugh and eat well to be healthy!
Enjoy and Jah Bless. <3 
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