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- Access to all my patron-only posts, in which I talk about the projects I'm working on, release dates, writing method, etc.

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- Snippets of my latest project. This could be a chapter from a full-length book I'm working on, or the first draft of a piece of short fiction. Whatever it may be, I will welcome any feedback you choose to share. You never know, your advice may even help shape the outcome of the story!

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About E.J. More

Hi there!

Welcome to my Patreon page and thanks for showing an interest in my work.

I love to write and send my stories out into the world for people to enjoy. As a lifelong horror, fantasy, and sci-fi fan, I would list Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Hugh Howey as just some of my influences.

Mostly I write short stories, but I am also working on longer fiction, as well as a couple of non-fiction projects I have in the works. I am part-way through writing a novel, which is based on one of my own short stories, a horror called From a Hidey Place. Future plans also include starting a writing podcast, as I love listening to these myself, and would love to connect with other writers through this.

I live with my family in West Yorkshire, and (like so many other writers) hold down a day job. I write in the in-between times, when I can. My dream goal is to one day support myself with my writing, and setting up this Patreon is one step along that path. 

Times are difficult for many people at the moment, and for anyone to consider supporting a writer or artist, even for just $1 a month, is an amazingly generous thing for them to do. The world needs art, especially now. So if you decide that my work is worthy of your time and hard-earned cash then I will do my very best to make it worth your while, in the form of both content and engagement. I'm new to this but I'll tweak as I go.

To date I have self-published a number of short stories, and my short story collection, Storms in Jars, is available in both ebook and paperback format. You can find my work at Amazon, as well as most good online ebook retailers.
$5 of $100 per month
If I reach my goal of $100 per month, this will help me to cover the costs of producing a regular podcast.
I have a few ideas about the sort of content I would like to cover, at the heart of which is the art and process of writing. I hope to link up with other writers and authors to create an enjoyable and informative listening experience.
Patrons would have access to additional material such as outtakes and cut scenes, as well as occasional Q&A sessions.
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