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Milestone Rewards:
  • one free request for aspects or styles of the female character module (compatible with SailorXv4) after $5 total and every $20 thereafter
  • Trade in your contributions for free artwork!
    • female character SKETCH by Aeryn ($50 worth of contributions)
    • female character COMMISSION by Aeryn ($100 worth of contributions)
    • character COMMISSION by Miranda (lineart) and Aeryn (colors) ($200 worth of contributions)
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About Diana (aka Aeryn)

The EMCCV (Extendable Modular Creative Concept Visualizer) is aimed at creative people (dress-up-game lovers, writers, role-playing gamers, ...) who want images of their ideas to have and share! Or you may be at the very beginning of the creative process and looking for inspiration!

With the EMCCV you can create an image of your concepts - or use the extensive randomization features to surprise yourself with a new one! - that you can then share with your publisher, co-writer, artist, co-players, fans, friends... 

The EMCCV is inspired by the Kisekae Set System (short: KiSS). It implements the viewer/doll model.  Users will also be able to supply their own modules (dolls) and extensions! We will create a wizard within the EMCCV to make creating new dolls even easier than it used to be with KiSS! 


"SailorXv3" (created with the EMCCV Prototype and the SailorXv3 module):

"AFH - Adult Female Humanoid" (Shading IN PROGRESS!)

  • Visualizer - this is the main program, the EMCCV (similar in concept to a Kisekae viewer). The full version is in development, but you can start using the Prototype right away!
  • Module - the base model. The first will be the Adult Female Humanoid. (I don't call them dolls, because a module could also be a car or a landscape... anything!) 
  • Extension - Set of items/aspects based on a common theme (like Medieval Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steam Punk, Sailor Moon, etc). There will be too many options to load all at start-up. So instead you choose only the ones that actually suit your concept. 
  • Aspect - anything that modifies the look of the base model. Eyes, hair, shirt, sword, familiar...

I've created three previous dolls, the latest being  SailorXv3, which were exclusively directed at fans of the manga/anime Sailor Moon. Now I want to make it interesting to lovers of all genres! Since 2002 I've been on the lookout for the right technology to implement my desired features. In fact I ended up getting professional about it! At age 36 I completed my 3-year training as a software engineer in 2016 with a focus on java-applications, design and usability!

For the SailorXGenerator (SailorXv3 and previous) I drew the art myself, but for the "Adult Female Humanoid" (short: AFH) module I've hired a profession concept artist.

This time around I am gathering a team around me. My man is an experienced java developer, so he is helping me out with the full version of the EMCCV!
Help with Marketing and Quality Control is on board, too! And I've hired a professional concept designer,  Miranda Rose Crowell, for the actual artwork so I can focus on the programming side of things. 

The first $3000 minimum will go towards paying Miranda for her artwork. Everything else gets done by myself and my helpers for free. Eventually though I would like to earn a living by creating additional content for the EMCCV and its website and I would like to give my volunteers the same opportunity.

Rough Schedule:
Phase 1: alternate poses (DONE)
Phase 2: alternate expressions (DONE)
Phase 3: hair basics (top hair, bangs, buns, odangos, pigtails, ponytails) (DONE)
Phase 4: clothes basics (leotard, dress, skirt, pants, belts, shoes) (ONGOING)
Phase 5: more hair (pigtail loops, braids...) (IN PROGRESS)
Phase 6: more hair (back hair, front hair...) (DONE)
Phase 7: more hair! (corn rows, afro, undercut, ...)
Phase 8: the SailorXv4 extension! (IN PROGRESS)
EMCCV Features will include:
  • load as many extensions as your computer can handle!
  • improved graphic user interface
  • colour picker for every item! (as opposed to a fixed palette of colors)
  • import/export custom colour palettes
  • tools to brighten, darken, in-/decrease contrast (gloss/matte) of aspects
  • import/export your settings (all or just those you choose)
  • point & shoot items! (for adding gems/stars/etc anywhere in the picture)
  • share your creation on the future EMCCV community website
  • ... and many more!

What comes next will depend on what YOU want! My plans include:
  • module: Adult Female Humanoid Portrait (aka "AFHP") (RELEASED and in progress)
  • module: Adult Female Humanoid (aka "AFH") (RELEASED and in progress)
  • module/extension: SailorXv3 (RELEASED)
  • modules: Young Female Humanoid, Adult/Young Male Humanoid
  • alternate body shapes 
  • ... and many more!
All extensions below are for the AFH/AFHP modules:
  • extension: SailorXv4 (IN PROGRESS)
  • extension: Princess
  • extension: modern casual
  • extension: medieval fantasy RPG
  • extension: Star Wars Jedi
  • extension: Star Trek Officer
  • ... and many more!
If funds permit the content will keep coming!

This is my hobby, I love it and I will make it happen! It is my creative outlet and I'm passionate about it. I've been doing it since 2002 and have no intention to stop. The only unsure thing therefore is the release date...

The EMCCV itself is making progress. The completion date for the new artwork depends on how fast I can raise the funds. I myself spend roughly $75 per month on top of what I can raise through Patreon. Sadly I can not give you specifics as to when the EMCCV will launch. It all depends on how busy life keeps us. In the meantime patrons can enjoy the already released EMCCV Prototype, the Adult Female Humanoid (AFH) with new artwork by Miranda, as well as SailorXv3! You can also already create your own content!

The online community is another mammoth side of the project that will be finished most likely at the same time as the full EMCCV launches, if not sooner. And it will rock to serve your character creation and online-roleplaying needs! :)

While everything that's being financed through this campaign will always remain free to all, other modules, extensions and possible features of the online community website may require premium membership.
   All your contributions count TWICE towards free premium membership of the future EMCCV Community website. 
 You get patron status, which means that I will pay extra attention to your feedback no matter how big the community grows
   And last but not least: your contributions act as a balance that you can spend on  sketches and commissions of your characters by Miranda or myself!
Thank you very much!!
$5.40 of $500 per month
Once I get to this milestone I will be able to reduce my day-job to a part-time position and spend the rest of the day working on content for the EMCCV and its website!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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