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You will be thanked under the ABYSS tier on my website, and in the ABYSS section at the end of my videos.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. There's those tiers with the MEGA and GIGA thanks and names. Those look very cool, but damn that's pricey. No worries. I know I talk about MEGA thanks and GIGA thanks but those are just spicier versions of the same thanks.

I'm still very thankful, very very thankful that you're even considering this tier. Plus, the abyss is infinite. A bigger abyss doesn't mean much if they're all just the same infinite void, right? Yeah, you feel me.
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You will be thanked under the MEGABYSS tier on my website, and in the MEGABYSS section at the end of my videos.

Can you tell that I like words like MEGA and GIGA? Because I do. That's about the only benefit this tier has over the previous one, it has MEGA in it. So it's cooler. Same goes for the next tier actually.

Also you get my MEGA thanks. Which is a cooler form of thanks. You decide how much cooler it is.
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You will be thanked under the GIGABYSS tier on my website, and in the GIGABYSS section at the end of my videos.

This is only here because 3 tiers just feels right. I don't really expect anyone to go for this one.

If you do go for this one though, well... fuck. You get my GIGA thanks. I'm not sure what that means, I think it just means a VERY big thank you. Which does represent how I feel about this. Also you'd be in the GIGABYSS tier and that sounds really cool.

If you disagree, I'm sorry. I don't make the rules.
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Hey, I'm ENBYSS. I'm mostly a variety streamer, however I also like to do other things such as programming, but more importantly ~ make videos. So I tend to upload videos to my main channel, mostly just edited highlights from my streams.

No TIERS have exclusive access to things. This might seem counter-intuitive, but I don't want to lock my content behind paywalls. If you want to pledge, please pledge only to show support for what I do. I want to let everyone experience ENBYSS without being forced to pay.

After giving streaming a shot, I quickly realised that this is what I want to continue my life doing. The joy of messing around, entertaining people, and doing what I love while making people have fun is something that's priceless to me, and that deep inside, was something I strived to do my entire life. However, in order to do that, I need to be able to live doing this, and for that I'll need the support of you, the one reading this, if you like my content of course.

I'm mostly hoping that at some point, I can make a living doing what I love, that being streaming. Technically, Twitch has a subscription model that lets people subscribe onto there, however that comes with a pretty huge caveat in the cuts.

See, with Twitch subscriptions, you gain benefits like emotes and increased channel point gains. However, I get less than half the money gained from a subscription. With Patreon however, the cut is FAR more generous on my end, so it's a much better option for streamers generally.

On one hand, you don't get Twitch benefits through Patreon. On the other hand, this is a much better way of being supported. So I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes.
$16.30 of $200 per month
God, thanks so much for helping me get to this point. With this, I'll be able to upgrade my system and be more comfortable about going through with streaming and content creation full time.
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