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About Extreme Slam Wrestling

Extreme Slam Wrestling is a Wrestling Games League. It was created on youtube in 2014 to entertain thousands of wrestling viewers in the Wrestling Games Community. We post WWE videos, ESW Episodes, and MANY more to come!

Why are we making a Patreon page?
We love what we do, and that not only makes us proud of our work, but also, more motivated to continue.
With your support, we can make more shows, in less time. We can make ESW bigger as a whole.
You can grant yourself some fantastic REWARDS for supporting ESW on Patreon, such as: access to our shows BEFORE they are live on Youtube, exclusive download to our created wrestlers, access to exclusive content NOT available on Youtube, ESW Roster Theme Songs, tryout matches for a chance to join the clan, and much, much more!

At the same time, we are not telling you how much you should donate. It is all up to you.
In fact, you would be able to enjoy some of our exclusive rewards even with a donation of 1 dollar.
By becoming our patrons, you can guarantee Extreme Slam Wrestling to continue entertaining the ESW universe!

We can confirm that Slamathon 1, will be available here, to our patrons, before it goes live on Youtube.
In other words, with a simple donation of 1 dollar, you can literally get yourself an unlimited access to hours and hours of ESW content, AND exclusive access to our biggest show to date before everybody else!
We feel ESW will be a very special place for many wrestling fans and gamers.
We would not be who we are if it wasn't for the support of our fans asking us to continue making more and more of content.
If you still have questions, make sure to reach us at:



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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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