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Du bisch offiziell e Bratin:

- eis persönlichs snap vid

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Du bisch en Brate. Alli Kevins hennd jetz angst vor dir:

- es bild vo mine huusufgabe

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Oof Du bisch eine vode breiteste uf dem Planet.

Chüelschränk fürchtet dich wiit und breit:

-10 sekunde vo mim Video ghöred dir.

  (Video wonnich sege WASD WOTSCH, wo denn im nöchste yt video chunnt)




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About EXiTBlimpBoi

Hey guys!
I'm EXiT. You're probably wondering how i got here.
Well... Let me start at the beginning. 

Basically, i'm Monkey.
jk. jokes aside.

If you support me and donate some of your hard earned money, i can afford new and better games for you to enjoy me playing!

If i see that people actually wanna see my stuff, i'll start putting more into it.

For my fellow Patrons:
- one free nut pass in "no-nut-november"

So why not join me on this shitty life journey of mine?
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Wenn ich 10 Patrons ha gitts eine.
En schüche vlog.
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